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doggie day care
Do you come home from work to a pet that is chewing your belongings, barking constantly and being generally disruptive?  We watch children throw temper tantrums and cry when they don't get thier way.  Dogs seem to do the same kinds of things.  A well exercised pet that gets lots of social stimulization with other pets and people rarely displays these behaviors.  Our doggie day care just might be the thing for you. 
For $12.00 per day you can leave your dog here from 7am to 7pm.  During that time your pet gets confidence building, supervised socializaion and good behavior training.  Such as: sit, down, off and migration training.  And lots of exercise too!    
  These "kids" sat for a ropey toy!





We watch pets that get regular times in our dog parks and pool.  They seem happier, calmer and tired.  You'll take home a pet that is much more relaxed, happy and ready for affection.  Many owners love bringing their pets to us because their pets recommend us.  We watch pets drag their owners in through the front door every day! 


If your new to Penrod Kennels see the

new customer page because shots are required.


Staff try hard to take pictures of your pet and write an observation page, for you to take home, to let you know how your "kid" does. We also up load photos to our Facebook page.