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Dog Boarding Prices 

Our prices are the lowest per square foot for any professional boarding kennel, animal hospital or veterinary in the Walla Walla valley. 


We challenge you to find better prices.
(lenth X width= square foot.)
(Then Divide cost for day/night boarding by square foot)
The Other guys: (indoor only) .25 to .99 cents per square foot
Penrod Kennels: (indoor/outdoor) .24 to .30 cents per square foot
Our Indoor/outdoor runs allow pets to go outside when they want to, either to sunbath or to potty. 
We specialize in making it fun for your pet so you can go on vacation knowing
your pet is having fun too. Check out our dog park and dog pool page.
Buddy enjoys our bed with a warm blanket!


  Our runs are heated in the winter and has A/C in the summer!

  We do not charge extra to feed prescribed food for your pet. Please put your food into a water proof container or ziplock bag so your food bag won't be damaged from cleaning.


We want your pet to be comfortable here.  So you can bring blankets and a bed at your own risk.  Pets in the next run might pull things through the chain link and shred it. We will charge a $5.00 cleaning deposit if you decide to leave blankets or bedding.  



This can endanger your pet or others if they swallow the pieces.

Please for safety of all pets, No soft Toys!

The owner left these stuffed toys without asking, as you can see a mess happened.


 We now accept Visa, Master Card


Pets often enjoy interaction with other pets from the safety of their individual spaces. We often observe them running in and out and playing with their neighbors. Because there is no walls pets can see, smell, and hear their neighbor from the safety of their own run. They love to see what’s going on around them and that makes their experience more fulfilling.

Each run is 5 x 15indoor/outdoor and includes food , bowls, bed, Polar Fleece blanket and Kong/Nyla bone.
Our prices are:
$20.00 for a pet that is between 0-30 pounds
$21.00 for a pet that is between 30-60 pounds
$22.00 for a pet that is between 60-90 pounds
$23.00 for a pet that is between 90-120 pounds
$24.00 for a pet that is between 120-150 pounds
$25.00 for a pet that is over 150 pounds
Medication charge: $4.00 a day for up to 3 vitamins/medication. 4 or more is $6.00 a day