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Kennel Safety
  We try to keep Penrod Kennels safe and secure for all pets that stay with us. Here are some things we do to help keep it that way.
 We have a 2nd and 3rd building that only staff enters. This is where the dogs stay until the day of check out. It has the same kennel runs as the self-service building. We have found that it greatly reduces anxiety and barking for all boarders.To help limit stress on dogs using self-service, we move them to the self-serve building only on the days you indicated you will pick up your pet. 
If you come home early, and we don't know, your dog will not be available for you.
Please see self-service page.
A large gate on our private road closes so pets are secure through the night.
No after hours services available. Do not go to house for service, they do not operate the Kennel!!
We have 24 hour cameras which allows us to know who comes and goes at the kennel at all hours.
An electronic lock on our self-service gate opens at 7am and locks at 7pm.
If you get locked in there is an Exit button under our drop box near the side office door.  It gives enough time for owners to leave the area before relocking.