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New Customers
Penrod Kennels requires shot record information from your veterinarian, we do not except owner given vaccinations. We require the expiration date of each shot to be clearly indicated on the shot records or the reciept you received for the shots.  Please, no chicken scratch!  Any home given shots must to be done in front of a veterinarian. This ensures that if the animal has an adverse reaction to the vaccine it will get immediate care.
Shot record information and payments are only processed during open office hours. (7am to 4pm Monday thru Friday)   Our office is closed Saturday and Sunday just like your veterinarian!

Required shots for your dog are:
  1. Bordetella

  2. Distemper


  3. Rabies



If you have a cat we require 2 shots.
  1. feline upper respiratory

  2. rabies



Here are some ways to get the records to us:

          1. Call your veterianarian and have them fax us the shot records. 

              Our fax number is 541-938-6071.

          2.  Fax your shot records to us.

          3.  Bring your shot records to us during office hours

          4.  Scan and Email to us




After you think the shot records are at Penrod Kennels call us and we will set up your account.  This usually takes about 5 minutes.  Shot records must be confirmed during open office hours prior to the use of the self-service area. Our office is closed on Saturday and Sunday just like your veterinarian.

We know through experience that having your account set up as early as possible with us before your pets stay ensures a smooth and problem free check-in for you.


 We want your pet to be comfortable here.  So you can bring blankets and a bed at your own risk.  Pets in the next run might pull things through the chain link and shred it. We will charge a $5.00 cleaning deposit if you decide to leave blankets or bedding.  



This owner left stuffed animals without asking, as you can see a mess happened.

 This can endanger your pet and others if they swollow the pieces.

Please for the safety of all pets, no soft toys !