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 We know how busy people are today and how frustrating it can be to get pet care services after hours and on weekends when you need it most. 
 Self-Service allows you to pick up and drop off your dog when the office has closed during the week at 4pm until 7pm and on the weekends from 7am through 7pm both Saturday and Sunday.
 If you plan on picking up your dog during self-service hours you must pay in advance.  We except credit cards, checks and cash as forms of payment.  No pet will be released from the self service area without payment in advance.
Shot record information and payments are only processed during office hours.  So, if its your first time using self service please come in during office hours to get an orientation. 
To drop off using self-service you must call in advance during office hours to ensure that shot records are current, correct and up to date in Penrod Kennels files before boarding your pet.   Any pet found in the self-service area without current shot record information will be quarantined and must be picked up during office hours.  Quarantine boarding is $25.00 per night.  This policy is set in place to ensure the highest level of protection for all pet’s in the facility.
 No services availble after 7pm, please plan accordingly. Do not go to the house for service, they do not operate the kennel.  
Be sure to let us know on what days you might pick up so we can make sure your pet is available on those days. If you need to pick up your dog early you must call during office hours so we can have your dog available. See kennel safetypage for details. 
Come in during our office hours for an orientation. 
Picture tour
To the left of the office door you will find the Self-service entrance. Go through both gates and you will see Blue Paw prints on the ground. Follow the Blue Paw prints down the hall to the Blue door, go inside. When you enter the door you will see many dog runs.
If you are picking up look for your dog and remember to pick up their leash and any other effects you may have brought for them during their stay.
If you are dropping off your dog: Pick a empty run, one for each dog, place your dog inside and pull the cable to open the dog door. Fill out and/or place the contract on the clipboard outside of the run's gate. You can print the contract from off our web site and fill it out ahead of time.
The Red Paw prints lead you to the payment drop box and the EXIT button incase you get locked in.